Desert Center, CA

[caption id="attachment_524" align="alignleft" width="300"] First stop on the way to Arizona.[/caption]May 4th – Depart San Francisco, head to Los Angeles for an evening shoot May 5th – Travel day (progress to Texas) May 7th – Arrive in El Paso May 8th – Dallas May 9th - Austin May 10th – Houston May 12th – Depart for New Orleans May 15th – Depart for Nashville May 18th – Arrive in Atlanta May 20th – Depart Atlanta, head to South & North Carolina May 21st – Virginia May 23rd – Arrive in Philadelphia May 26th – Depart for New York City May 30th – Depart for Cleveland May 31st – Arrive in Detroit June 2nd – Depart for Indianapolis June 4th - Depart for Chicago June 6th – St. Louis June 7th – Kansas City, depart for Denver June 9th – Depart Denver, head to Seattle June 12th – Arrive in Seattle June 14th – Shooting completed