Anthony Sabatino

Director, Producer

An ambitious filmmaker and graduate of San Francisco State University, Anthony’s films are derived from his personal dedications and passions.  Not only has he worked on countless productions, but also in a variety of roles, in which he is collaborative and professional. In 2011 he directed seven short films, which are completely different from the last that tell stories to inspire, and have a purpose to society as a whole.  His motto: "Do what you love, and settle for nothing less."  Growing up in a musically inclined family environment sparked his passion for music, which makes “A Marvelous Era” the most prevalent of his films.


Ashim Ahuja


A young and upcoming producer based out of San Francisco. While studying film at San Francisco State University he formed a production group "Lantern Motion Pictures" in 2009, since then Ashim has spearheaded production of eight short films under this banner and others. Two of these received Best Picture awards from Campus Movie Fest in 2009 and 2010 with the latter being screened at the Cannes Short Film Corner in 2011. He has been working with the San Francisco International Film Festival for the last three years with positions at other film festivals including Sundance.


Mark Sandhoff


An independent filmmaker based in San Francisco, CA. He received a formal film education from San Francisco State University, and has worked as a freelance cinematographer since 2009.  Mark is based in San Francisco and has lent his skills to numerous projects on the West coast, including EPK coverage for NASA, corporate interviews, ENG shooting, and a slew of music videos and short films.  He has a reputation of creating a relaxed and comfortable working environment, and brings with him the experience to create a rich visual language for any project.