The Conclusion of an Exciting Trip

Hi everybody, On June 4th, we packed our bags and geared ourselves for a 16-hour drive to Denver, CO. Before we got started on that endeavor, we drove around Chicago looking for parking so we could eat at Pizzeria Due.

It's funny how small of a world it is considering our waitress also went to SF State (where we studied Cinema), and it was an enjoying way to visit while they cooked our deep dish pizza for forty-five minutes.

When we finished eating, we got some postcards, sat in the van and wrote them before we took off to Denver.

I began the 16-hour drive starting through Illinois then Iowa. When we got to the Iowa border was about the same time Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final began, so I switched on the radio and turned it up as the Kings played a pivotal game in the series.

We all listened to the game and the Kings grew victorious as they captured a 4-0 victory at home versus the Devils for a 3-0 series lead. Every time the Kings scored I screamed as loud as I possibly could just on impulse.

After it ended, I told Mark and Brodie that we should be back in Los Angeles for Game 4 on June 6th and they thought I was crazy. They said its physically impossible to get where we were then, and to get to LA by the time the game started.

Somehow, we made the impossible happen. That night we continued our 16-hour drive to Denver, in which we arrived around 9am at my father's friend Patty's house.

We got a little rest before we had to leave for our interview at four. When we woke up, we left in just enough time to make it by four if there wasn't traffic, and thankfully there wasn't.

In downtown Denver, we met with Barron Steffan who has his own big band in the area, and we interviewed him about his musical experiences. Mark, Brodie, and I really enjoyed this interview, not because it was our last one, but because we were really drawn to his quotes and stories. It was bittersweet knowing that this was our last true destination for the trip however.

After our meeting with Barron, we packed up, bought some more postcards, and drive back to Patty's house for dinner before making another 16-hour drive, this time to Los Angeles.

We all wanted to get some rest before we made the drive, but our bodies wouldn't let us. Strangely, we were all used to not sleeping at this point.

Around midnight, we finally made our way through the Rockies, which was a beautiful drive at night (probably better during the day). After the sun came up around 8am, we were in Utah and still had at least 300 miles before we arrived in Las Vegas, NV.

I started getting sleepy and switched with Mark, and he powered it out until we stopped to eat on Sahara Ave at In 'n' Out burger in Vegas.

From Vegas, we had only a 4-hour drive or so, therefore I knew we would make it to Staples Center by game time (at 5pm). When we arrived, we had to park at least thirty blocks away because Staples Center was a mad house. It was difficult to walk around there, let alone drive.

We reunited with Ashim at LA Live, as well a several other friends from Southern California. We trekked to some Cafe and Bar a good distance from Staples to watch the game. Unfortunately, something didn't feel right, and the Kings lost their first of the series to put the Stanley Cup celebration on hold until Saturday June 9th (today).

After the game, we hung out at Ashim's house in Los Feliz where we talked about other things that happened on the road as well as what direction our film is headed as far as story wise. It was a much needed discussion thanks to our good friend Bryan Darling.

On June 7th (the next day), it was truly our last day of the road trip. A drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco seemed like such a short trip at this point, considering all the overnight drives we had made. We did it in five hours, and the gypsies (our crew) finally disassembled after a one hell of a trip.

At least on my behalf, it felt like we were gone for a year, but at the same time, it felt like just a dream that we all had. Now that it's over, we have so many stories to tell, and have to readjust ourselves to be prepared to go back to our normal lives after such an abnormal excursion that we all will never forget.

Now, on to the next step--the grueling editing process! Stay tuned for more updates!!!