A Relaxing Stay in Mason Before Chicago

Hi y'all, During our time spent in Michigan, my Grandpa Mel and his wife Kathy as well as my Uncle Johnny and Aunt Rebecca, shared several meals with us, played video games, while Mark and Brodie played foosball and ping pong in the downstairs gaming room.

Before leaving to Chicago on June 2nd, we ate waffles and eggs, said farewell to the family, and went to interview Alicia Nuccilli and her mom in Southfield, Michigan.

There they shared many wonderful stories about their musically talented father, Ed Nuccilli, who made an impact on the Detroit music scene for many years. We were glad they were able to give us so much rich information in addition to a couple CDs Ed recorded with all original tracks.

After the interview we drove by Baker's on 8 Mile where Ed and the Plural Circle Big Band had played for many years. We filmed a shot of the club, gassed up the van, drove through burger king, and made our way to Chicago--a 4 our drive from where we were.

We arrived just in time for the start of game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final. Luckily we found this Bar & Grill that had TVs and good food where we hung out for the first two periods.

At the end of the second period, we walked down the street to where Mark's buddy Patrick lives (where we were staying), and we greeted him, brought in our stuff, and watched the third period on Patrick's TV.

Just like game 1, game 2 went into overtime and the Kings were able to dig out another victory. I screamed when Carter got the game winning goal and it slightly startled everyone else in the house.

The next day, we filmed the Chicago Grandstand Big Band at this renowned club called Fitzgerald's where several movies have been filmed. Before the set, we interviewed Bill Gilardon, the band leader.

It was a really good turnout at Fitzgerald's and their screamin' band played three full sets until 9:30pm, and we were really fortunate to catch this band so last minute as we did.

Stay tuned for more updates from the road as our trip winds down to the west coast!