The Big Apple

Howdy folks! We are now in New York City and extremely excited to be here!

On May 24th, we ate at Attman's deli, hung out in the inner harbor in Baltimore, and reconvened at Mark's sister's house before we left for Philadelphia.

Right before the Maryland border we were pulled over by a state trooper after going through a toll booth. We were really prepared this time as we filmed the incident on the GoPro as well as the Canon 5D.

The officer gave us some grief about our rental agreement and threatened to send Mark and myself to jail because the van rental company, 'Escape' did not properly put the other drivers on the agreement. Luckily, the officer let us go with three written warnings. It was "Christmas in May" according to the trooper.

When we arrived in Philly, it was about midnight and our first stop was Geno's Steaks, which was really tasty - we agreed it was better than Pat's directly across the street. Shortly after eating, we drove around downtown then fell asleep in our van (in an Acme parking lot where other campers were parked, so it was an ideal place to be stationed).

In the morning, we walked around old city (Philadelphia), then recuperated at Mark's friend Casey's apartment. In the evening, we went over to his friends place and had some good homemade BBQ and played "Cornhole" (much like horseshoes).

Queens, New York was our next stop, so we left Philly by 9:30am to give us enough time to make it to John Fedchock's house by one. Fortunately, we didn't hit any traffic and made it to his place with time to spare. John gave us a really personal interview and spoke of his travels on the road with the Woody Herman band in his last years, as well as his New York and international gigs.

After the interview, we ate at Carnegie Deli, walked around central park, and met up with my good friend Jason who happened to be in NYC on vacation. We spent the rest of the night with him and his friend who lives in Brooklyn.

More to come soon!! Please help spread the word about our kickstarter!!!