Greetings from Pearland, Texas

When we arrived in Houston around 2 A.M. where we were greeted by my Aunt Melanie in a suburb named Pearland. After visiting with my family members for a couple hours, we didn't get to bed till late. In the morning, we had an interview scheduled with Conrad Johnson Jr. and James Wlliams Jr. who both continue Conrad O. Johnson's legacy of big band music. They shared many valuable stories of their experiences in the music business as well as their knowledge of music as a whole.

There was so much to cover with those gentlemen that we had our longest interview yet, which lasted a couple hours. When the interview concluded, Conrad was kind enough to give us a couple of his father's CDs: "Got What It Takes: Conrad Johnson & His Orchestra" and "Texas Thunder Soul: Kashmere Stage Band" (covered in exclusively in "Thunder Soul" - the feature documentary produced by Jamie Foxx).

We spent the rest of the day organizing footage, and later in the evening, we enjoyed some BBQ at Central Style BBQ in Pearland. We were all stuffed, but completely satisfied with some authentic Texas food.