Bee Cave to Houston

Yesterday morning (5/9/12), was our last day at the vacation house in Austin. We tidied up the house, packed up the van, and made a short trip to Bee Cave, Texas where we'd be filming The Vintage 15 in an outdoor amphitheater in the Hill Country Galleria Mall. Several of the musicians who showed up early were interviewed by us, and in fact, we didn't complete our last talent until ten minutes before the set began, which gave us little time to set up three cameras. Luckily, Steve Moreland (bandleader of The Vintage 15), kept the band occupied until we were ready to roll.

Once the performance started, the amphitheater started to fill up as many peopled flocked to the rich sound of the live music. The Vintage 15 proved to be a closely-knit group of professional musicians who are one of the hottest tickets in Texas. People from young to old were dancing, singing, and enjoying the show, and before we knew it, it was the conclusion of a fun set.

Before we packed up, Steve and his wife Tori did an interview with us as they talked about the need for schools to have a curriculum which incorporates Jazz, given that its one of America's truest art forms. We would've liked to have visited for longer with the Moreland's, but we were scheduled for an early interview the next morning.

We traveled three hours to Houston before we were pulled over by the Pearland Police for our "suspicious" looking van. Thankfully, nothing was wrong and no tickets were issued as we proceeded to my Aunt Melanie's house where we'd stay for the next couple nights.