Our "On-the-Road" Fundraiser Campaign

On March 17th, 2012, we successfully funded our first Kickstarter campaign, in which we raised $5866, and that money has enabled our crew to travel across America and shoot the film.

On May 4th, 2012, we launched a second Kickstarter page that we are raising money specifically for post-production, which includes; archived footage, music rights, and festival expenses. Our goal is set $2500 higher than the previous campaign ($7500 to be exact), due to the costly expenses of archived footage and music rights. Unfortunately, we won't be able to receive any funds unless we raise at least $7500.

It is essential in the next month (by June 4th), to establish another successful fundraiser to assist our completion of our feature documentary, "A Marvelous Era." This is a great opportunity for new sponsors or backers to receive our limited edition Polaroid from various cities across America, as well as screen credit for those who donate at least $250.

Donations as little as $1 are accepted and will make a tremendous difference in the final outcome of the film. We sincerely appreciate those who help contribute in any form, whether it be sharing our Kickstarter page with others, or by making a donation.

To participate in our newest campaign, please click our Kickstater link here.


Kind regards,

Anthony Sabatino