The Land of Enchantment

At the conclusion of our second day, we decided to camp near the Arizona and New Mexico border. It was a liberating experience for us as we cooked a late dinner and slept in the van for the first time of our journey. We got an early start and made way for Las Cruces, New Mexico where we met with Bob Burns, bandleader of the Mike Caranda Big Band. He shared many of his musical experiences, which included meeting the great Louis Armstrong as a youngster, as well as running into members of the Count Basie Orchestra.

Before we left Las Cruces, Bob and his wife Melody took our crew out for lunch at Nopalito's Mexican Restaurant. It was a nice treat to show their sincere appreciation of our project. Before we parted ways, Melody snapped a Polaroid of Bob and the crew outside of the restaurant.

We followed Bob and Melody to I-10 and had our last farewell as we headed towards Texas.