Filmmakers on the Open Road

Yesterday (May 4, 2012) was the debut of our cross country tour, as we picked up our "Escape" camper van from fisherman's wharf in San Francisco. We then departed for Los Angeles where we met in Studio City with Dennis Dreith, a motion picture music composer, arranger, conductor, as well as an influential advocate for studio musician's rights. He gave us an insight on his own big band album, which he was mixing right before us. Directly after, we interviewed my grandfather, Franklin Amoss, who is the emeritus President of the Anerican Federation of Musicians (Local 7) in Orange County. Frank spoke of his most prolific playing experiences as he toured the country playing for many big bands, Broadway shows, ballets, etc.

Today (May 5, 2012), we are using as a 'travel day' as we move east of California through Arizona. Our plan is to camp in the desert and make an early start to arrive in Las Cruces, New Mexico around noon tomorrow.